At long last Premiere Napa Valley 2021 is finally upon us!


Premiere Napa Valley is one of our favorite events at Gary’s Wine and Marketplace and we’re so excited that the event has been rescheduled to June this year. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to grow our long-standing relationships with winemakers in Napa Valley and the community at large, not to mention a chance to snag some awesome and rare wines that aren’t normally available.


Since 1996 Premiere Napa Valley has been the event of the year in the valley and the centerpiece of the entire event is the auction. This is what I’m talking about when I mention the rare juice that’s never available. The best winemakers of the region select miniscule micro-lots to showcase. These one of a kind offerings are often single barrel selections of a particular grape, vineyard block, or experimental barrel that would normally be blended away into one of their normal selections. There is rarely an opportunity for winemakers to otherwise show these wines off that wouldn’t normally exist, like a pure Cabernet Franc from Aaron Pott’s less-than-one-acre vineyard, or Round Pond’s Gravel Series Cabernet Sauvignon. We’re just excited to be able to go and drink with our friends out in Napa again. 



Premiere Napa Valley is trade only but keep an eye out for our exclusive interviews with your favorite winemakers and check out our PNV offerings on the website.