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To Can or Not to Can

Fri, Mar 25, 22


You know it is summer when the house and all its occupants are in full on “entertain mode.”


Your grill might as well be on autopilot. Planning menus—a “who’s bringing what” list and replenishing wine, beer and spirits are ritual. Besides rosé, do you know what the hottest trend is for summer of 2018?


Wine in cans—and we are totally serious.


Think about it. Entertaining styles have become more casual and laid back. Our purchases are based more upon convenience, not to mention we are more environmentally conscious. All the “cool kids” are following the trend, from cold brew to cocktails. Don’t believe us? Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see it as plain as day—and we completely understand why.


Canned wines are super easy and super portable. From the beach, to the tennis court or stored in your backyard cooler—no longer do you need a glass, corkscrew, or to worry about breakage. Plus they are recyclable. A 375ml can, the same as a standard soda or beer can, is equivalent to a half bottle of wine. Lined with a food-grade sealant, you won’t experience a tin-like taste affecting the flavor. You also have eliminated the possibility of cork taint!


Here are a few of our favorite canned wines you’ll definitely want to try this summer:


Scarpetta Frico Frizzante (187ml): It’s the perfect glass of bubbly. Founded by French Laundry alumni Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey and Chef Lachlan Patterson, this is a blend of Trebbiano, Glera (aka Prosecco) and Chardonnay. Just a touch of fizz adds texture to the notes of peach, green apple and fresh flowers.


2017 Larkan White Blend (375ml): It was the no glass rule at the beach with friends that prompted Napa Valley’s Sean Larkin to do something about that. Sourced from the same vineyards used to make his highly-rated wines, these are “fun wines for fun times.”


Underwood Willamette Rosé (375ml): Four vineyards and three wine regions in Oregon are blended to make this summertime sipper. Fresh notes of watermelon and strawberry will make you want to reach into the cooler for another.


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