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We are thrilled to be counting down Gary’s Top 10 Wines of 2021, starting Dec. 6 and ending on Dec. 10 with the announcement of our number one wine of the year. This is our first ever Top 10 list, which has been curated by Gary and his team of Wine Experts.

While we stand behind every wine we bring into our stores, these 10 wines check every box and more. Our Top 10 wines make up a diverse group ranging from labels hailing from well-known winemaking appellations to others coming from emerging, off-the-beaten-path regions. To select our first Top 10, we looked at the thousands of wines we offer and chose those that overdeliver in quality, offer fantastic value for their category and contain a unique component such as a benchmark vintage, a famous winemaker, or an inspiring backstory. Most importantly, our Top 10 wines are available at Gary’s Wine & Marketplace.

We hope you enjoy these exciting wines this holiday season be it on the dinner table or as gifts to the special wine lover in your life. Here at Gary’s, we take pride in bringing our guests outstanding wines in every category, and this Top 10 is a culmination of our efforts to be your top source for quality wines year-round.

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