Maker's Mark

Our Gary’s Spirits team visited Maker’s Mark to bring you our very own Private Select barrel selection with the legendary Maker’s Mark Team! Once the bourbon has matured, our team got to work with the Master Distiller at Marker’s Mark to taste and select a unique tasting profile until we found the perfect profile we were looking for. With the combination of staves selected, they are then put on a ring and placed in a new barrel of cask strength Maker’s Mark for an additional 90 days. At this point, the new whiskey was bottled, dipped, labeled, and packed for shipped directly to our NJ Stores, and our Private Selections were born!

About Gf Maker’s Mark 2020 # 1

The first of two 2020 Private Select Barrels selected at Crystal springs Resort in early October. The perfect blend of heat and sweet. Notes of rich, ripe dark fruit, as well as some subtle molasses and warm caramel. Velvety texture and wonderful mouthfeel. Wraps up with a long finish of baking spice.

About Gf Maker’s Mark 2020 # 2

The second of two Private Barrel creations for 2021. This expression also utilizes the newest barrel stave option: Roasted French Mendiant. This provides the whiskey with wonderful notes of luscious dark fruit, rich cocoa, tobacco, and a long baking spice finish. It also makes use of traditional French and American oak staves for sweet notes of honey and molasses, as well as prominent oak notes on the finish.

The making of our private selections