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3 Tips for Exploring "Drier" or Dry January

Mon, Jan 09, 23

No alcohol, no problem!

The gifts have been unwrapped, leftovers devoured, and confetti swept up; it’s January 2023, and time for a fresh start. As the phrase “Dry January” gets tossed around, you may contemplate cutting back on your alcohol intake. And after months of indulgences, it’s all the more appealing. But where to start? 


If you’re seeking healthier choices this year, look no further! Here at Gary’s, we’re exploring “Drier” January all month long, highlighting nonalcoholic and Better for You options that are lower in alcohol, sugar, and calories. Thinking of a little alcohol reset? Whether you’re going Dry or Drier, here are 3 tips to get started.

1. Be Mindful

As in, why are you interested in cutting back on alcohol? Maybe you want to focus on your health after a season of indulgence, or cut back on expenses during a night out. Take a few moments to reflect on why this is important to you. If you’re having a moment of weakness, a strong purpose can help keep you on track. For example, doing Dry or Drier January just because it’s trending on social media (or “all of your friends are doing it”) doesn’t hold as much meaning as living a long, healthy life. So to start, take a few moments and be mindful about why this is important to you.

2. Start Slow

Be kind to yourself! Changes don’t happen overnight. If you’re out with friends and are craving a cocktail, don’t beat yourself up over ordering one – after all, the title of this article is “Exploring!” If an entire month seems too daunting, start small. Try to go alcohol-free for just one night, then gradually work up to a whole weekend, and so on.  


Whether your goal is a Dry January or Drier January, preparation is also key. Research some tasty mocktail recipes, make your list, then head to the store to pickup whatever you need. Having no or low alcohol options at your disposal will increase your odds of success. Which brings us to our last tip…

3. Check Out Nonalcoholic Options

Ready to explore your options? Stop into any Gary’s to browse our nonalcoholic and Better for You drinks! Whether you’re seeking a nonalcoholic wine like the refreshing and fruity Wolffer Estate Rose or a sparkling style like Sutter Home Fre Brut, it’s all here at Gary’s! Also check out nonalcoholic beer like Heineken 0.0, Samuel Adams, Athletic Brewing Co, and more! We have something for every palate, along with ready to drink cocktails, like Lyre’s Nonalcoholic Ready to Drink Cocktails and Mingle Cocktails. 


Want to try before you buy? We’re having in-store tastings throughout January, featuring our low and no alcohol options! Perfect to complement your Dry January or Drier January shopping experience, tastings will include sugar free wines and nonalcoholic beer. View the full tasting schedule on  


Whether it’s an annual tradition or your first year exploring, cutting back on alcohol can take some practice. But if you’re mindful about your goals, start slow, and have some favorite drinks on hand, you’re already 3 steps in the right direction. Cheers and Happy Drier January!

By Diane Jamgochian