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5 Delicious Wine and Cheese Pairings for Valentine's Day

Fri, Feb 10, 23

Some say that Valentine's Day is a cheesy holiday, and we at Gary's agree!

When it comes to the timeless pairings between food and beverage, there’s nothing more heavenly than a classic cheese and wine pairing. Luckily for you and your Valentine, we at Gary’s have plenty of cheeses and wines to select from and enjoy. 


And to help narrow it down, we have provided an overview of tastiest go-to matchups that are sure to impress!

1. Champagne and Brie

Pop the cork this Valentine’s Day with the world’s leading sparkling wine, Champagne, from France. Champagne is crisp and vibrant because of its high acidity along with flavors that range from citrus and orchard fruit to dough and flowers. For that reason, Champagne pairs well with buttery and earthy foods like triple-cream soft cheeses such as delectable Brie. 


Champagne recommendations: 

2. Rose and Feta

Dry, crisp roses with their delicate pink colors are some of the most underrated food wines. With red berry flavors along with accents of mineral, spice and citrus, these bottlings are more than just pool-side quaffs; they bring tangy sheep’s milk cheeses, like Feta, to the next level when paired together.  


Rose recommendations: 

3. Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese

Sauvignon Blanc wines, especially versions coming from France’s Loire Valley, are beloved for their citrus-driven profiles chiseled together with mineral and herb accents. These flavors, along with the Sauvignon Blanc’s naturally high acidity, seamlessly go together with goat cheese’s tangy profile marked with subtle grassy undertones. Indeed, this is a G.O.A.T. pairing that never fails! 


Sauvignon Blanc recommendations: 

4. Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Cheddar

Snuggle up with your Valentine in front of a fire with a glass of rich Cabernet Sauvignon that boasts flavors of dark berry, spice and cedar. These bold flavors need a cheese with equally intense flavors to make a successful pairing. We suggest a beautiful, aged cheddar. This cheese’s nutty flavor, earthiness and slight crunch will elevate the wine’s dark fruit flavors.  


Cabernet Sauvignon recommendations: 

5. Vintage Port and Blue Stilton

Everyone needs more Port wine in their life! This fortified, sweet wine packs a real punch when it comes to flavor and personality. Vintage Port is a high-end ruby Port that is full-bodied, semi-sweet to notably sweet with concentrated blackberry, black cherry, and ripe raspberry flavors. To make a successful pairing with this wine, you need to go big or go home. The blue cheese, Stilton, is considered by many to be the ultimate pairing with Vintage Port. Why? Because the rich, silky textures of a Vintage Port melds together seamlessly with the bold, snappy stench of odiferous blue cheese. Just try it and thank us later! 


Vintage Port/Late Bottle Vintage Port recommendations: 

By Diane Jamgochian