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Oregon Wine Month - Big Table Farm

Fri, Mar 25, 22


Whether it’s the outdoors, the movie “Goonies” or the incredible wine and foodie hipster scene—there’s a lot to love about Oregon. Both Gary and our Wine Director, Brooke, have traveled and explored its wine regions. Gary was so hooked, he’s going back this week! Our list of favorites run long, but we think there’s one producer in particular you’ll fall in love with too…


Down a long gravel road in the Yamhill-Carlton District of Willamette Valley, lies Big Table Farm. Driving up to its yellow farmhouse, you can expect to be greeted by Goatio—owner Clare Carver and Brian Marcy’s pet goat. Clare often comes out in cowboy boots, brass belt buckle and cowboy hat—she is clearly the farmer and Brian, the winemaker. Once at their doorstep you are welcomed like a dear friend (brace for a warm hug), and led to the kitchen for a tasting of their incredible liquid labor of love. It is not a fancy tasting room. The kitchen table is small, no award trophies in sight; it’s something else…more personal, more relatable—a true passion project.

In 2006, Brian Marcy & Clare Carver moved to Oregon from Napa, where Brian had been working in wine for ten years. While working in Napa Valley, Brian learned from some of California’s most esteemed winemakers and wineries, like Turley Wine Cellars, Neyers Vineyards, Blankiet Estate and Marcassin—just to name a few. In addition to partnering with Brian to market the wine and manage their 70 acres, Clare is an avid painter and wine label designer. Her wine labels have received multiple awards, including America’s top ten wine labels by San Francisco Chronicle. In just over ten years they have developed their land into a working farm and built a barn and winery.


Eric Asimov from the New York Times featured Big Table Farm in not one, but three featured articles, stating “Big Table is an up-and-coming producer that I hope to follow over the years.” We certainly will and hope you will too.