virtual wine tastings hosted by experts

Gary’s makes it easy to plan custom virtual wine tastings for your colleagues, clients, and friends. One of our wine experts can host the tasting to provide a unique educational experience for your group.

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how virtual wine tastings work

Our wine experts can host your tasting! The wine expert hosting your tasting will be in touch with you prior to the tasting so that they can tailor the event to your requests. In the past, we’ve also invited winemakers join us for tastings, which provided an extraordinarily unique wine tasting experience.

Whether it’s Wine 101 or a deep dive into a particular region, we’ll help you pick the perfect theme for your tasting. You’ll have the option to do a wine & cheese pairings to allow for an experience that is sure to engage your group (yes, we ship cheese too!).

Yes! We can ship wine across the US from either our West Coast or East Coast fulfillment locations. We recommend allowing at least 7 business days for transit time to ensure that your recipients receive their wines & pairings before the event.

Yes! During warmer weather, we recommend adding cooler packs to orders to stabilize the temperature of products during transit.

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